Confidential Conversion Review - Discover Untapped Traffic Markets With ConfidentialConversion

What Is Confidential Conversions?
There are 3 Modules in this course.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance
There are many PPC platforms available, that do not require any involvement with search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Many super affiliate marketers have been using these underground platforms for years. Philip reveals you in this module the best Underground platforms available to date. You will learn how to use the successful provided Pay-Per-Click techniques and achieve extremely low CPCs for your ads.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker
In the second module, Philip will show you step by step how to be successful within the mobile advertising industry, especially in the dating niche. This is once again a very underestimated method that for some reason many marketers ignore, while others just make living out of it.

Module 3: Artificially Organic
In the final module Mansour will show you a couple of brand new techniques explaining you how to legally steal SEO traffic for your own benefit. Don't worry this is not a boring module on SEO, but instead a module that will show you a very unique way to take advantage of websites. Absolute must to watch!
Confidential Conversions provide you also with a bonus, which they call the 2 hours Master Plan. This is a highly qualitative pdf document showing you in details on how to set up successful campaigns within 2 hours time. This goes along with the Confidential Conversions course.

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Banner Ad Blueprint - Making Easy Money Online

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  • Where to get torrents of traffic that's eager to check out WHATEVER you're offering... I'll show you how to focus so tightly that site visitors will almost have to take whatever action you want them to...
  • How to use direct linking to make cash whenever you want it, on demand... sometimes it's NOT about throwing up a landing page and pre selling or building a list, sometimes it really is about quick and dirty profits
  • How to make money from all different sources... sure, Clickbank is cool, but there's a big wide world out there so I'll show you all kinds of places that will help you get rich... you can write your own paycheck, whenever you want to
  • The right way to make a killing if you do decide to use a landing page... you'll know exactly how to force your visitor to buy, opt in, or whatever, and you'll be able to squeeze your traffic for every last red cent...
  • Where to find famous brands to promote for big affiliate commissions... and with names this big, they convert like crazy... almost nobody knows how to get into these affiliate programs... but I'll show you exactly how
  • Exactly what banner sizes to use... and how you can get super-effective, custom designed banners for FREE... banner advertising doesn't have to be about spending hours with photoshop anymore...
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